brandon willis



"Brandon Willis is one
hell of an instructor.
This guy eats it, sleeps
it and breathes it!
He will inspire you to
get better, push you.
I've been grappling a
long time, with lots of
instructors and choose
to train with Brandon
for a reason. The reason
is I want to be best I
can. I'm an old dog but
he has taught me to
learn new tricks."

- S.Anderson

Brandon Willis holds the rank of Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in the Carlson Gracie Jiu Jitsu Federation.  He began his training in 2007, has trained in multiple BJJ affiliations and has a style that is geared toward actual fighting.  His philosophy emphasizes achieving positional dominance, reversals from bottom positions, heavy pinning pressure and the aggressive attacking style that the Carlson Gracie Team is known for. 

He began training at the Relson Gracie Jiu Jitsu Academy and later moved on to train under Arthur Ruff and Carlos Carvalho in the Carlson Gracie system, giving him a broad understanding of the different styles.  He currently travels regularly to be instructed by Master Carlson Gracie Jr.  In addition, he has been tutored by other black belts to develop different aspects of his style.  Prior to Carlson Gracie Columbus, he has instructed under Carlos Carvalho and in the People’s Republic of China while on a 6 month long international work assignment.  He has competed in and won multiple Gi and No Gi tournaments including IBJJF, NAGA, Ohio Grappling Challenge, Grappler’s Quest, Extreme Grappling Open and internationally in the Storm Kimonos Copa De Hong Kong. 

Brandon believes in a well-developed fighting skill set and has sought out instruction in other facets of the fight game.  He has trained boxing and kickboxing, most notably at Sam’s Gym in Glouster, Ohio under Sam Jones, a name well known by those in the boxing world.  He has fought kickboxing matches at Wheeling Island Casino and at the Bando National Kickboxing Tournament which he won in 2010 and was voted “Most Outstanding Individual Performer” of the tournament by winning his championship fight by way of knock out.  He also trained Muay Thai in while living in China and in Thailand while visiting, further broadening his understanding of the striking facet of the fight game.  He has worked to develop wrestling skills with a number of coaches to enhance the effectiveness of his self-defense, jiu jitsu and competition results.

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